Actor / Artist

坂東工 | Takumi Bando


Takumi was born in 1977. After graduating Nihon University’ s art department, Takumi moved to America, where he make a debut in the Clinton Eastwood Hollywood film “Letters from Iwojima” . Currently, Takumi is not only the host of the popular tv show “Bachelor Japan” , but also creates and designs costumes for NHK history dramas, makes murals made of deer skin leather, and also paints.




Ahn Sinjae

ソウル生まれ。韓国ソウル・ヨンセ大学卒業後、渡米。NYパーソンズを卒業し、LAではFIDMにてVisual Artを修了。

Sinjae was born in Seoul, and after graduating Korea’ s most prestegious private university, Yonsei University, she moved to America. In America, Sinjae graduated two art schools; New York’ s Parsons School of Design and Los Angeles’ s FIDM art department. Sinjae only began to create portrait paintings in 2017, but when posting them on Instagram and Facebook, recieved credibility and recognition as an artist from many artists and gallerists around the world. She paintings are all based on her own experiences, and the number she had drawn just in 2018 surpassed 100. For our first gallery, we will be using her portraits as a motif to create a doll.


Doll artist

奥田拓郎 | Takuro Okuda

1991年岐阜生まれ。2013年京都造形芸術大学 卒業。2015年より本格的に人形づくりを始め、「第7回創作人形コンクール」「MIDOW展2015」にて入選。主に京都・東京でグループ展を開催。現在、UI/UXデザイナーとして制作会社に所属するかたわら、人形を創作している。

Takuro was born in Gifu Prefecture, 1991, and graduated from Kyoto Zokei Art University in 2013. Takuro began his career as a doll artist in 2015, and in that very year was entered in the 7th annual doll making competition, and took part in the 2015 MIDOW gallery. Takuro is a part of many group galleries, which are mainly held in Tokyo and Kyoto. Currently, he is working as a UI/UX designer in a prodution company while he creates dolls.





Khayha aspired to a career in fashion and art from a young age, and at the young age of 19, held her own personal exhibition. When posting her artwork on instagram, she caught the attention of Takumi Bando and joined iiwii.